Tannehill National Golf Course

McCalla, Alabama
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Tannehill National Golf Course
12863 Tannehill Parkway, McCalla, AL 35111, USA
(205) 477-4653 Icon phone Directions
Tannehill National Golf Course Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
April Harvell
9 days ago
We had a blast at Tannehills Fairyland Trick or Treating. The campers were wonderfully decorated. There was a lot of people there with no problems. Parking was at events is a long walk up or down a huge hill but they have a train you can take also. We will be going back.
Anonymous v3
The Awesome Courtney Shevchenko
22 days ago
We love Tannehill... it's a great place to walk around and get exercise, as well as look at historical buildings. My only complaint is that you can't actually walk through any of the buildings- just look on the outside of them. I also don't recommend going on a Trade Day if you want a relaxing visit because the park is packed and it's really not that pleasant.
Anonymous v3
Cheryl Dalen
6 days ago
The trail maps are not that great and the trails aren't clearly marked at all. There were forks in the trail not marked on the map and no way of knowing which fork to take. The pioneer farm had great buildings but you couldn't get good pictures because of things that shouldn't be there such as: 55 gallon drums, chalkboard attached to side of buildings, scaffold and other construction materials in clear view. The grist mill was nice but you couldn't see any of the actual mechanisms. I was pretty disappointed overall.
Tannehill National Golf Course is an 18 hole golf course located at 12863 Tannehill Parkway, McCalla, AL 35111, USA and plays 6630 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for Tannehill National Golf Course is 62. It has a slope of 121 and rating 71.1. This course is located in Alabama in the city of McCalla in 35111 . Brook Graveyard Course at Bent Brook Golf Course and Graveyard Windmill Course at Bent Brook Golf Course are located nearby.