Links at Sherwood

Sherwood, Arkansas
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Links at Sherwood
3434 E Kiehl Ave, Sherwood, Arkansas 72120-3316
(501) 833-8010 Icon phone Directions
Tees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total Slope Rating
Mens 143 114 136 101 50 98 104 107 124 977 0 977 0 0.0
Ladies 78 68 72 63 43 71 59 70 77 601 0 601 0 0.0
Par 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 27 0 27
Links at Sherwood Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Dijah Muhammad
19 days ago
Right now, I don't feel comfortable giving higher than a 2 as an overall rating, but I'm not against boosting it later, if I'm happier with my stay. I'm very happy with the response I got today from one employee in the office and one on the maintenance team. Corporate has also been extremely helpful with ongoing issues. Today, I called the office about a few maintenance requests that had been sitting for some days, when... (I'm not sure if it's ok to say names, so I'll say "A") "A" let me know that maintenance was a bit backed up on requests. He was very kind and listened to my concerns, without cutting me off, or complaining that the office was very busy. He let me know that he'd make sure all of my concerns were addressed... And he did! I got the quickest response ever, since I moved in! At first, the 2 maintenance men came in, 1 greeted us, and they darted to the bathroom. I was a bit offended, because they didn't let me know what was going on and what they were fixing today (besides the toilet, obviously). The new maintenance guy "C", immediately noticed I was uncomfortable and offended, and he warmed up and engaged in conversation to let me know what was going on, and why it took so long to get here. He even talked to my son a bit, to keep him from feeling left out (either that or he was genuinely interested in his gaming preferences). Unfortunately, the other guy, whose name I didn't catch, was extremely offputting and completely ignored my presence... Even when I directly asked him questions. He stood with his back to me the whole time he was in the room. "C" did his best to answer for him, but answered incorrectly once. The other guy's response was a very loud and harsh "NO NO NO!" I'd rather he not come back here. I've never been disrespected like that, in the comfort of my home. Anyway, I've typed enough on the negative bit... "A" in the office and "C" in maintenance, have turned my day around. I'm one of those super allergic people, with the long lists of allergies and rare conditions, that are damn near allergic to life... And I was sitting here depressed, thinking everyone in that office probably hates me and wants me to suffer by now, but the response was quick, and everything was fixed in one visit. All I need now is for my account to be fixed, and I'll never bug them again. I hope Lindsey Management hires more employees like "C" and "A" to come work here at the Links! The rating would go up in no time! 😊 I'll be back to update mine, soon.
Anonymous v3
Melissa Waller
28 days ago
I have had nothing but issues since moving here. I have black mold inside my return air vent, around my baseboards in my bathroom where the guys that do maintenance that have no clue what they are doing came and took my baseboards off wiped it down and never ever put the baseboards back on. I have sent pictures and reported it so many times and it has went ignored. Not everyone has the money to up and move. They have you locked in under lease and they take your money. This place is a joke and obviously do not care about their tenants. Oh and before I forget, I kill roaches and spiders quite often. I keep a very clean living environment and have never had roaches.
Anonymous v3
Lindy Wimberly
3 months ago
Horrible customer service. Dirty. Outdated. Manager is awful. Racist. Religiously biased against Christianity. Called another Lindsey property Manager and was told this new manager (June 2018-petite black female) is out of control...on a power Trip. Ridiculous and laughable. Will never renew lease. Awful experience. Never been treated so poorly in my life. Shocked. Who hired this woman!?!
Links at Sherwood is an 18 hole golf course located at 3434 E Kiehl Ave, Sherwood, Arkansas 72120-3316 and plays 2054 yards from the tips . We have the scorecard for this course. This course is located in Arkansas in the city of Sherwood in 72120 . Camp Robinson Duffers Club and Championship Course at Burns Park Golf Course are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at Links at Sherwood now!