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Sherwood, Arkansas
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Links at Sherwood
3434 E Kiehl Ave, Sherwood, Arkansas 72120-3316
(501) 833-8010 Icon phone Directions
Tees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total Slope Rating
Mens 143 114 136 101 50 98 104 107 124 977 0 977 0 0.0
Ladies 78 68 72 63 43 71 59 70 77 601 0 601 0 0.0
Par 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 27 0 27
Links at Sherwood Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Catherine Miller
4 days ago
Alright. This is going to be long. I tried to wait until the end of our lease before writing a review. We started off terrible. We were put in an apartment that we really wanted and were kicked out of it overnight. This happened right after being assigned a few days prior. Their response to us? Essentially that it was too bad and that we were going to have to deal with the next apartment we were assigned. I feel that was the worst thing that could have happened. Know how we started off in that apartment? CONSTANT ROACHES. Holes in places, which I'm pretty sure isn't allowed so whoever last lived there, did not care about those rules. Broken dryer/washing machine. Oh year, there was gross gunk at the bottom of your washing machine that I touched. I do have pictures that will be added later. There has been a report for something every single week since we moved in. Daily reports, actually, and I have a record of every single one. We have neighbors that argue. Like, really bad. It has been reported. What we were told? To call the cops. That's it. They could at least issue a warning. Another thing, Management knows who is causing the roach problem in our building. It seems like they knew before we even moved in. We have asked about being relocated to another apartment. All I have constantly gotten is "That is possible and I'll look into it". Never an answer. Seriously. Also, if we were to move due to the roach problem, which does infect my health, we would have to pay ANOTHER security deposit and would not even receive the current rent special, which I think is complete and utter garbage. We also wouldn't even get back our original security deposit, which all we would do was put it towards another one of their apartments. Like, we actually plan to stay in this apartment complex. We just want to be in a place that we don't have to worry about roaches dropping from the ceiling. I'm sure there are people who have no issues with their apartment, which is why they have some of the good reviews that they do, but we were not lucky enough to be one of them. I will be posting pictures and contacting Lindsey Management personally. Pretty sure my health concerns are important. Management is nice, but it seems like nothing can get done and it is worrying.
Anonymous v3
Bryan Miller
2 months ago
My fiancee and I have had nothing but problems since we moved in. From day 1 we saw roaches everyday, and had to put in several requests before getting the deep spray to mostly eliminate them. Keyword mostly. Then our hot water wouldn't get "hot" and you could only shower 5mins before bathing in freezing rain. Our toilet would also semi-flush and refill itself every few minutes. When they finally came out to work on the water heater we were woken up at 3am to a toilet that wouldn't stop flushing (a toilet they just worked on) and a water heater that wouldn't fill that made the loudest banging noise that could not be slept through. I have to be at work before 5:45am and cannot sleep. I cut off the flow of water to the toilet and turned the heat off from auto at just 72 degrees Fahrenheit to stop the water heater from banging like the headboard of naughty neighbors.
Anonymous v3
Andrea Monarrez
about 2 months ago
There are cockroaches, lice, spiders and mice infestation INSIDE the apartments. I've asked for them to terminate my contract because is not a place where you can live and they won't, everything is very old and if something breaks they take to long to replace or fix, the tenants can smoke inside the apartment and you will get the second hand smoke. Think twice about moving here. **** The people who rate this complex 4 or 5 stars are the people who work here.*****
Links at Sherwood is an 18 hole golf course located at 3434 E Kiehl Ave, Sherwood, Arkansas 72120-3316 and plays 2054 yards from the tips . We have the scorecard for this course. This course is located in Arkansas in the city of Sherwood in 72120 . Camp Robinson Duffers Club and Championship Course at Burns Park Golf Course are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at Links at Sherwood now!