Eagle Glen Golf Club

Corona, California
Course Record
62 Figure man
Charley Hoffman
Brad Cochran
Lowround missing Figure woman
No Course Record
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Eagle Glen Golf Club
1800 Eagle Glen Pkwy, Corona, California 92883-0620
(951) 272-4653 Icon phone Directions
Tees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total Slope Rating
Black 416 325 549 167 554 363 371 167 395 3307 203 399 650 343 441 477 365 166 543 3587 6894 139 73.8
Gold 389 298 520 133 523 335 354 151 363 3066 157 343 584 314 403 393 357 152 467 3170 6236 131 70.8
Silver 360 284 497 125 461 310 337 144 321 2839 113 313 517 282 355 375 285 132 440 2812 5651 121 67.6
Jade 326 242 445 113 425 275 286 72 293 2477 106 286 460 262 320 326 240 108 413 2521 4998 113 67.7
Silver (L) 360 284 497 125 461 310 337 144 321 2839 113 313 517 282 355 375 285 132 440 2812 5651 121 72.6
Par 4 4 5 3 5 4 4 3 4 36 3 4 5 4 4 4 4 3 4 35 71
Eagle Glen Golf Club Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Jimmy Nguyen
3 days ago
For such a touted course this is one of the worse course that I have ever played on. My local executive 18 hole golf course David L. Baker has more grass and is in better shape than this course. I have been to this course three times now and every time I try and give this course a chance it seems to show why I think the course is garbage. First time I was there there was on a December Saturday and there was no marshal or starter on course at all so there was a train of golf carts waiting to tee off the first hole. It took me a good 35 minutes from my tee time before I could even put a tee on the ground. By the time I was almost ready to tee off a guy in front of my group decided to bring his 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter to the course so that daddy can play golf and don't have to pay a baby sitter. While waiting and waiting the teenager that was in our group got feed up and decided to tee off. It apparently almost hit the little boy so the dad drove back and confronted the teenager and they almost got into a fist fight. Again no marshal or starter anywhere in sight to regulate pace of play or to tell the stupid dad that his 5 year old son should not be teeing off from the white tees. So I decided to leave and go play Glen Ivy instead. Lost two hours of my time. I have now come back to the course two different times and the course condition has gotten worse and worse. You can tell right away that the only aspect of the course that the ground crews actually takes care of are the greens. The fairways are a joke. If you have not hitting off dirt than you are hitting off green painted dirt. I could not believe that a course that is suppose to be on the higher end of the spectrum would actually paint their fairways green to try and make it look as though there is grass. What grass there is, it is yellow at best. So if you like hitting off green painted fairways, don't mind 6 hour rounds, but want really nice greens then come here. But I am done with this place for good unless other people shows me proof otherwise. My recommendation to everyone is save your time and money and go to Hidden Valley or Glen Ivy. At least there is real grass to hit off of.
Anonymous v3
Shelley Garcia
about 1 month ago
Booked on GolfNow because it was one of the few golf courses and the SoCal Place location that we were, that had a 4-star rating. But we had to drive 30 minutes to get there. I suppose I was expecting a lot more green, especially on the fairways. The greens were nice and well maintained though. The gentleman in the Pro Shop was superb and helped us tremendously when my boyfriend discovered he had forgotten his golf shoes. His customer service skills were excellent and it's apparent that he loves his golf course and would love to see it grow. The course itself was challenging and very fun to play. You should definitely play here if you're in the area.
Anonymous v3
Angelica Moran
about 2 months ago
This place is impressive, very elegant and in such a beautiful location. I was there for a conference, so I didn't have a chance to see their golf course...but I'm guessing it is beautiful. It looks like a country club from Georgia, same elegance and ostenticity.
Eagle Glen Golf Club is an 18 hole golf course located at 1800 Eagle Glen Pkwy, Corona, California 92883-0620 and plays 6898 yards from the tips . The course record for Eagle Glen Golf Club is 62 held by Brad Cochran/Charley Hoffman. It has a slope of 139 and rating 73.5. We have the scorecard for this course. This course is located in California in the city of Corona in 92883 . Champions Club at The Retreat and Dos Lagos Golf Club are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at Eagle Glen Golf Club now!