Royal Vista Golf Club - North/South

Walnut, California
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Royal Vista Golf Club - North/South
20055 Colima Road, Walnut, CA 91789, USA
(909) 595-7441 Icon phone Directions
Royal Vista Golf Club - North/South Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Matthew B
20 days ago
3 courses to choose from. Pros: great for the price, fun courses, 27 holes. Cons: can get very busy, have run into some very rude players here, seem a bit disorganized at the starters because of the 3 courses.
Anonymous v3
Mae Louise Lee
2 months ago
Came here for a wedding and was extremely disappointed with the staff here. On a very special day for my family, the waitstaff was inconsiderate and rude, with the exception of one man who I wish I had gotten the name of. During our dinner, one of the children at our table decided he didn't want to have meat which he had marked on the RSVP. I understand that requesting a different meal than initially marked may be a hassle for the staff, HOWEVER we were assured that it wouldn't be a problem and he could indeed have the ravioli instead. The child asked me where his food was once everyone else had already had their entrees served. His father asked if I could help find out where his food was. When I kindly asked the woman server about it, she said "Well he had marked meat originally. We have to wait until the end after everyone is done eating to see if there's any ravioli left over that we can serve him." EXTREMELY flat, no warmth OR even the least bit of urgency or assurance. It would have even been fine if she said something like, "let me go check on that for you." This is a HUNGRY CHILD asking for a meal. If it wasn't something the venue could accommodate, then fine--but that wasn't the case. Was this woman seriously going to have this child wait until the very end of dinner until the child could be served some food on the OFF CHANCE that there MIGHT be something left over? Not on my watch. I approached another server, the aforementioned gentleman, and I asked him the same thing, to which he responded without hesitation, "Oh yes, definitely. I'll talk to the kitchen and we'll get him something right away." Thankfully, in a few brief minutes, the ravioli came out. The child could have been anything really.. even something just to hold the him over until they figured out if there was ravioli "left over" as she said. Secondly, the security guards were overwhelmingly pushy. Following people with flashlights to their cars and watching their every movement. At the end of the night, they followed some of our family members who were going back and forth to the car to put the center pieces and cake away. They harassed them with flashlights accusing them of drinking alcohol. A very pushy, hispanic woman with a long black ponytail was seemingly peacocking her authority in front of her male security guard colleagues. This venue should seriously consider how they treat their guests who pay a great deal of money to have their special moments celebrated here. Unacceptable. I'll be sure to warn my friends.
Anonymous v3
Allen Wilcher
about 2 months ago
Cordial Pro Shop staff. Course in better than average condition as were the Greens
Royal Vista Golf Club - North/South is an 18 hole golf course located at 20055 Colima Road, Walnut, CA 91789, USA and plays 5929 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for Royal Vista Golf Club - North/South is 59. It has a slope of 124 and rating 69.0. This course is located in California in the city of Walnut in 91789 . Royal Vista Golf Club - East/North and Royal Vista Golf Club - South/East are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at Royal Vista Golf Club - North/South now!