North Course at Hercules Country Club

Wilmington, Delaware
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North Course at Hercules Country Club
Hercules Road, Wilmington, DE, USA
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North Course at Hercules Country Club Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Frederick List
21 days ago
Delcastle is an enjoyable course and all the people, from the starter to the pro shop & cafe people have been very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, with all the rain this year the course isn't in the best shape. I found the fairways have numerous areas devoid of grass and the bunkers are either ponds full of water, or of cement-like hardness. Some of this is unavoidable due to the weather, but what really bothered me on the last couple of rounds was: 1) Pace of play. Our tee time was 10:03 we didn't actually tee off until 10:15 and we finished the round at close to 4:00. There were a couple of groups ahead of us that were very slow play. The problem was there was NO RANGER to police the pace of play. 2) This was a beautiful, warm, sunny Sunday morning but there was no water in any of the water coolers around the golf course. The refreshment cart was also missing in action and we didn't see it all day. By the 9th hole we were all dying of thirst. I realize it's been a tough year for all the courses around here due to the excessive rain, but these basic amenities need to be addressed, especially when I'm paying a full-price weekend greens fee.
Anonymous v3
Sean Covely
4 months ago
Great for the price. Some holes are pretty easy where others are quite challenging for the average person. Course has been in good shape Everytime I've been there.
Anonymous v3
Dan Moreno
2 months ago
I arrived at Delcastle 20 minutes before my tee time yesterday excited to warm up before a good round, when my father and I were told we would need to head out with another twosome immediately. Which had already teed off on the first hole and was about to drive off as the starter screams for them to come back. I asked the starter why we needed to go out 20 minutes early and could not wait for our tee time, he responded in a rude manner that he only allows foursomes out on weekends and that if we didn't go now he didn't think he would ever be able to get us out to play(We had already paid and had a tee time). I responded that it was fine then we would just wait till later even if we get out late we wanted to warm up and then he responded in almost a baby voice "Hey buddy, I don't think you understand you have to go now." I was pretty shocked at the conversation so we headed to the first tee after I put my father and my bags on to the cart grabbed my own scorecard and pencil(Such a hurry you think he would have the carts ready). As I was driving off he proceeded to yell that it was the policy and he doesn't make the rules.(I've played about 50 rounds at Delcastle and never had this happen) The round was as good as ruined with the fact it started with the starter screaming at us when we were early for our tee time. I usually go to Delcastle about 1-2 times a month during the golf season after this I don't plan on ever going back. The golf course is not in great shape and with service like that its not even worth half of what it costs.
North Course at Hercules Country Club is an 18 hole golf course located at Hercules Road, Wilmington, DE, USA and plays 6608 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for North Course at Hercules Country Club is 62. It has a slope of 126 and rating 71.1. This course is located in Delaware in the city of Wilmington . South Course at Hercules Country Club and Delcastle Golf Course are located nearby.