10 Longest Putts Made of the 2014 PGA Tour Season

As a followup to the 10 longest drives of 2014 we decided to pay homage to the putting gods and let the world know about the 10 longest putts of 2014. We all know Tiger didn't have a good 2014 season, withdrawing twice and getting cut twice. But that doesn't mean Tiger didn't do anything superhuman in 2014.

If you weren't paying attention you might have missed Tiger's 91.6 foot make on the 4th hole of the WGC Cadillac. Not only does this give him the longest made putt of the 2014 season but he owns that title by an astonishing 14.8 feet. Tiger's a beast no doubt, but it's easy to forget that when he goes an entire season without a win.

Here's to Tiger's health in 2015!

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