River Valley Golf Course

Adel, Iowa
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62 Figure man *
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River Valley Golf Course
22927 Valley View Trl, Adel, Iowa 50003-4439
(515) 993-4029 Icon phone Directions
Tees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total Slope Rating
Gold 393 515 198 413 535 388 364 368 168 3342 359 498 160 413 382 380 200 542 359 3293 6635 121 71.1
Black 369 500 165 382 520 323 344 363 141 3107 350 472 140 395 362 350 190 515 337 3111 6218 118 69.3
White 320 408 130 315 495 300 266 295 120 2649 325 454 111 364 326 325 171 410 317 2803 5452 114 67.4
Par 4 5 3 4 5 4 4 4 3 36 4 5 3 4 4 4 3 5 4 36 72
River Valley Golf Course Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
2 months ago
Rates are reasonable and the course is in pretty good shape overall, apart from a few patchy greens that need some TLC. Speaking of greens, not a ton of break on most of them on the front 9, but they seem to get more & more challenging on the back 9. Especially #17 & 18. Good luck putting downhill to a front-pin on 18...you could easily end up at the bottom of the hill. The layout keeps you interested, with varying tests on every hole. If you have weaknesses in your game, this course will shine a spotlight on them. There is out-of-bounds on virtually every single hole, so if you aren't hitting it straight, prepare to have a rough day. Having a lot of OB is one thing, but the roped-off areas on every hole have got to go. The stakes/ropes are unnecessary and take away any natural beauty the course has. Holes #5, #9, #12, and #18 are the most unique (signature holes). Although I agree with what another reviewer wrote about #12. It's a Par 3 "island green" layout, but I wasn't able to see the green because of the tee box being lower than the hole, and tall weeds obstructing my view. I had to drive my cart up to the green first to take a look, then drove back to the tee box to hit. Minor gripe, but it would be nice if it was cleared up a bit. Overall, it's a nice course that is approachable enough for beginners, while offering up plenty of hurdles for experienced players.
Anonymous v3
Jim Halligan
about 7 years ago
Clubhouse is nice, price is nice, course is not. I came down here for business and decided to play one of the courses in the area. When I got here, there was literally one other group on the entire course. I paid my $15 and teed off on #10 to play 9 holes after I got off work. Layout is extremely easy. Another review below says it's for beginners to almost-tour players. It's not. It's for beginners. Wide open. Greens roll pretty true. Fairways were absolutely fried and what grass there was looked to be in rough shape. Ground was extremely hard too, but that might be an Iowa thing. Overall, it was a decent experience though. Nice relaxing round on an easy track with the course to myself after a long day of work. I'll take it. OH, I almost forgot. This is for the owners of the course. #12... this hole is absurd. You can't have a blind par 3. There are 8-foot tall weeds that block any view of the green, so if you don't have a cart (I didn't) and you're playing it for the first time, you have to go by the distance and the picture on the sign. I ended up taking my 155-yd club from the blacks, hit it WAY off the toe, and still ended up on the very back of the green. TRIM THOSE WEEDS and redo the yardage on that hole. There's no way it's more than 130 yds.
Anonymous v3
Jim Dandy
about 3 years ago
This course has come back quite a bit after the mismanagement of the past few years. I actually made it a point to avoid this course the past 6+ years because the owner simply seemed not to care about the conditions nor the high end prices he was charging. Gave in and played it twice this year in tournaments and once as a foursome and the changes are very noticeable. The fairways are back to being very lush, the greens are in great shape, the green fees were more than reasonable once again and the staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. With the direction that things seem to be going I will have no problem bringing my business to River Valley in the future. My only real complaint would be the season pass pricing - $1400+ for a seven day pass when I can get the same pass at Panorama National (one of the top public courses in Iowa) for $625 and an extra 10 minutes of driving seems way out of line. Even the Des Moines courses are around $1000 for the same pass. If the pricing were to come down to something reasonable I would have to give River Valley some serious consideration as I have always enjoyed playing the course.
River Valley Golf Course is an 18 hole golf course located at 22927 Valley View Trl, Adel, Iowa 50003-4439 and plays 6684 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for River Valley Golf Course is 62. It has a slope of 121 and rating 71.1. We have the scorecard for this course. This course is located in Iowa in the city of Adel in 50003 . Urbandale Golf & Country Club and East West Course at Beaver Creek Golf Course are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at River Valley Golf Course now!