Foxford Hills Golf Club

Cary, Illinois
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Foxford Hills Golf Club
6800 South Rawson Bridge Road, Cary, IL 60013, USA
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Anonymous v3
no thanks
4 months ago
Thank you for responding to my complaint, I felt the need to respond due to the complete fabrication of events you described and logistical inconsistencies. As this incident occurred over a year ago, I am highly dubious to the fact that you could even recall the incident in question to begin with. You indicate that we had a tirade in the golf shop after the round was over. This 100% could not be further from the truth, we briefly went in to discuss our disappointment with how we were harassed during the round and left once it became clear our message was not being respected or apparently cared about. You then speak that the parties in front and behind our group were said to be voicing complaints about our play. It makes no sense that the group ahead of us could voice displeasure, if, as the ranger claimed, we were playing too slowly they would be too far in front to have any knowledge of the goings on in the previous groups. If our behavior was an issue after the 2nd hole when we were first approached, I also find it unlikely we would have been allowed to continue with the round. As to the group behind us voicing complaints, we were two holes or more ahead of them halfway through the round. This too makes it unlikely they would be voicing complaints about us. We at no point raised voices, or swore, or acted irresponsibly, and not once even acknowledged the ranger consistently following us for the duration of the round. If our pace of play was too slow to be an issue as alleged, then it is logistically impossible for one of the groups before or after us to have any idea what our group was doing, let alone both of them at once. To your last point about being entitled to a free round of golf and relaying the message to a 3rd party. Nobody in our group, or our "third party" requested free rounds or compensation of any point. We merely voiced a concern that we felt as younger patrons of the course that we were being unfairly singled out. The manager that days tone, clearly changed when the concerns and issues were brought up by the third party. You essentially admit in your post, that the offer of a free round was a lie, basically being used to placate the issue and get us out of hair, with no intention of ever following up on the agreed appeasement. Generally in a service based industry, even when the customer is in the wrong, the establishment will still apologize or offer some form of appeasement as a courtesy and hope of continued business. I have looked through many of your responses to negative feedback on both here and the other golf review sites, and not once in any of them have you taken even the remotest of responsibilities for any complaint brought to your attention. Deflecting and pushing back blame on the party who is complaining every time, even when warranted, is horrendous customer service. Quite simply, that is a poor example to be setting as a business and an outright embarrassment. thank you for your time and I hope in the future you can maybe look at the way you respond to criticisms and complaints in new light.
Anonymous v3
Charlie Kane
6 months ago
Beautiful golf course. Each hole has its own unique design and personality. Greens have lots of contours and ridges in each of them. Links style front 9 and more traditional wooded back 9 with the best finishing 4 holes around. Great practice area from driving range to large putting green. Clubhouse has everything needed from well stocked pro shop to grill.
Anonymous v3
Steve Levin
3 months ago
Great course layout. The bunkers could use some work. Some are soaked and others have too many large stones. The greens have a lot of ball marks.
Foxford Hills Golf Club is an 18 hole golf course located at 6800 South Rawson Bridge Road, Cary, IL 60013, USA and plays 6988 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for Foxford Hills Golf Club is 63. It has a slope of 129 and rating 72.8. This course is located in Illinois in the city of Cary in 60013 . Chalet Hills Golf Club and Stonehenge GC are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at Foxford Hills Golf Club now!