Diamond Caverns Resort & Golf Club

Park City, Kentucky
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59 Figure man *
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Diamond Caverns Resort & Golf Club
660 Doyle Rd, Park City, Kentucky 42160-7942
(270) 749-9466 Icon phone Directions
Tees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total Slope Rating
Blue 169 419 368 310 190 300 150 330 376 2612 320 175 263 450 309 316 100 450 352 2735 5347 109 65.4
White 147 409 356 291 180 252 145 315 355 2450 298 155 234 430 296 289 90 410 331 2533 4983 107 64.3
Red 136 290 265 266 148 252 86 197 268 1908 269 127 211 350 212 304 79 302 343 2197 4105 102 63.8
Par 3 5 4 4 3 4 3 4 4 34 4 3 4 5 4 4 3 5 4 36 70
Diamond Caverns Resort & Golf Club Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Cameron Asbury
28 days ago
We just got home from a trip to Diamond Caverns and it was a bit of a mixed bag overall. This was my second time visiting the resort - the first time was in 2012 -and I think the place has gone downhill since our first stay. We stayed in the Players Club condos in 2012 and for this trip we stayed in the Stevenson condos. From what I remember, the Players Club was very nice and clean, but Stevenson was another story. As soon as we walked into our condo, we noticed it smelled like cigarette smoke despite having a no smoking sign on the front door. Most, if not all of the furniture and appliances in the condo were quite old (it looked like it hadn't been renovated/any replacements since the 90s) but all the appliances worked so I can't deduct points for that. I would say the bathrooms were the nicest part of the condo - the flooring was old and had some tears, but they were very clean and looked like the showers and sinks were relatively new (probably the newest things in the unit). Speaking of good things about the condo, the air conditioner was a champion - almost every day we were there, the weather was 90°+ and sunny, but the air conditioner had no problem keeping the place cool. Moving on to some of the negatives: the beds weren't very comfortable at all. They were old, like the rest of the furniture in the condo, and caused us to wake up with aching backs nearly every morning. It wasn't a big issue, but it definitely wasn't ideal. Our first night there, we saw a cockroach on the wall and killed it. Luckily, we saw no more the rest of our time there, but knowing there was one was enough to make us nervous the rest of the stay. While the condo wasn't the greatest, we had a lot of fun swimming in the pool every evening (the pool at the golf course, by the condos, not the one by the camp grounds). It goes to 8 feet and is of decent size, and a major plus is that it has ladders and stairs going into the pool instead of only ladders. They also have a radio with speakers by the pool, which was fun to listen to while swimming and relaxing in the water. Much like some of the other Thousand Trails resorts I've visited, this would be a fantastic place to visit if it was taken better care of or updated/renovated occasionally. I'm sure it was great in it's prime, but now it needs some TLC.
Anonymous v3
Kat Weaver
4 months ago
Came on the off season, meaning I had a tour all to myself. Encouraged questions and gave plenty of information. Stunning formations, honestly a short tour. Definitely some climbing and winding areas but not exhausting. Wet cave, loved the water sounds, opportunity to see cave crickets, spiders and beetles. Very natural and scenic. Fudge is excellent (white Russian was my favorite) and the stones were priced fairly. Warm and comfy waiting area, very clean bathrooms. Definitely a great place, much more comfy, especially after a packed mammoth tour.
Anonymous v3
Tariq Shihadah
5 months ago
Beautiful place. Very peaceful property, and really lovely building. Cavern was beautiful and lots of fun. The guide was very personable and had plenty of clever jokes to crack throughout. Would certainly recommend. One suggestion would be to go for more of a national parks feel as opposed to the private property feel. When I see national parks I feel like the beauty I'm seeing is more relevant to me because it feels like something that I can be proud of. Without that, the private property just seems like a pretty place.
Diamond Caverns Resort & Golf Club is an 18 hole golf course located at 660 Doyle Rd, Park City, Kentucky 42160-7942 and plays 5410 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for Diamond Caverns Resort & Golf Club is 59. It has a slope of 109 and rating 65.4. We have the scorecard for this course. This course is located in Kentucky in the city of Park City in 42160 . Cedar Point Golf Course and Best Western Park Mammoth Resort are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at Diamond Caverns Resort & Golf Club now!