Delta State University Golf Club

Cleveland, Mississippi
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Delta State University Golf Club
Cleveland, MS, USA
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Delta State University Golf Club Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Duce Johnson
3 months ago
I toured here for Preview Day and my experience was great! The people are very nice and welcoming! I'm gonna be attending here for my Aviation Operation degree. #DeltaStateUniversity
Anonymous v3
Larry Banks
7 months ago
Delta State was my first college that I ever attended in my life. After I graduated from high school I remember my mother told me that she wanted me to attend Delta State so I'm like "okay why not". I have to be honest I had some good experiences and I had some horrible experiences at the school. I remember when I first went to that school back during the summer of 2005 I used to hear rumors that Delta State was racist and this was before I think a new president at their school. I remember the first I went to that school and I started taking Summer Developmental classes there and the person who was over it was over it at the time was Ms. Diana Blassett and I remember she was going over the rules and regulations along with my mother before we started classes the next day and she told me (which she told every black person that was taking those classes) "If you want to play, go to Valley State". I'm was confused at first and I never experience racist but I knew alittle about racist but not what she was doing but my mother caught on to what she was saying and she told me "She had no right to tell you that if you want to play go to Valley because Valley State is a black school so why say their school?" She was right why say Valley State and I understand if she said if you want to play go to another school to play around but she said Valley State wow really?! My mother at the time wanted to go to Valley after she made that statement but I refused to go there because Valley State at the time refused to give me more information about their summer development program so I stayed and continued to participate in the program. It wasn't easy and I went through hell just to try to pass that program. It seem like they was switching the tests around with the black people that was taking the program with them. I remember it was 3 black boys including me that was taking classes with me and 2 black girls that was taking classes with the rest of the students and turn out 2 black girls was the only one out of the bunch that passed the program. It was sad and I remember they put me on probation and suspension at the same time after I failed that one summer sessions for Delta State I'm like really how can you get on probation and suspensions at the same time and I remember they did my mother like that after she attended school after I left and she can tell you that she had a horrible experience as well. Some of the things I liked about the school was the cafeteria. The cateteria was the bomb I swear it reminded me of real restaurant lol! I loved their library i thought it was amazing how the library was so big and they had so many computers for you to use it was crazy and the people that worked there was really nice! If I had the opportunity to go back and visit and eat at the cafeteria or so I would love to do it but so far as become a student there no way I don't feel comfortable going back but I do forgive them and I wish them the best! If its meant for me to write book about my experiences I would love to do it and if it turns to a movie I would love to do show the world my story of what I went through.
Anonymous v3
Julia Westmoreland
11 months ago
None of the office workers have their stuff together. If you call financial aid and ask them the same question twice, you will get two completely different answers. Paperwork is always behind, it's like no one knows how to communicate. This is NOT a very professionally run school. And don't even get me started on student life.
Delta State University Golf Club is an 18 hole golf course located at Cleveland, MS, USA and plays 6094 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for Delta State University Golf Club is 62. It has a slope of 119 and rating 69.4. This course is located in Mississippi in the city of Cleveland . Drew Country Club and Walter Sellers Memorial Country Club are located nearby.