Nippo Lake Golf Club

Barrington, New Hampshire
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Nippo Lake Golf Club
550 Province Road, Barrington, NH 03825, USA
(603) 664-7616 Icon phone Directions
Nippo Lake Golf Club Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Joseph Normand
2 months ago
Great food and service! I have had lunch there once. Sandwich was good, something you expect at a mom and pop diner. 2018 Mother’s Day Brunch. Haddock was excellent! Perfect cook and flavor. Eggs Benedict was not good. Prime rib was great. Desserts were tasty, but I think store bought. I will go back because the service has always been great and the price is reasonable.
Anonymous v3
Erin A
about 1 month ago
I just had the worst experience golfing at Nippo Lake Golf Club. It was my first time golfing and probably my last. We were in the middle of our first hole and the ranger came over and told us to hurry up. We explained that it was the first time golfing for two of the four people in our party. I thought we were going at a pretty reasonable pace especially since it was my first time and sports in general are not my thing.  He proceeded to follow and stop us at every hole to tell us to move along and pick up the pace. At the fourth hole he stopped us because a helicopter was about to land in our path, pick up two people, then take off again. This took about 20 minutes and at that point we let the couple behind us play through.  By the time we were half way through the 5th hole he came over and parked behind me as I was trying to take a shot and began calculating out loud where we really should be on the course. At this point he told the four of us we should be finishing our 18 holes in 15 minutes (2.5 hours after our start time including a 20 minute helicopter interruption). Needless to say I didnt have a very good shot while he was trying to speed me up. We didnt bother finishing the hole. I packed up my stuff and gave up. I figured it would be quicker for the group if I stopped playing. But he kept following us, interrupting and stopping our game and at every hole.  There was no one waiting behind us. We had let people play through when necessary. We were not acting like morons, we weren't destructive, we were not loud and annoying. We were being respectful and learning the game, enjoying the day and moving as quick as everyone else on the course. We left without completing the course after the 7th hole...which we had paid for 18 holes.  We complained about the harassment by staff as we played, and the inconvenience of a helicopter interruption, and they offered us credit as if we would ever come back. I will not go back to Nippo Lake Golf Club. I would not recommend it.
Anonymous v3
Bruno Luz
3 months ago
Beautiful course, first 9 are pretty flat and straight.... back 9 are a good level of challenge, not too difficult but enough to he fun!
Nippo Lake Golf Club is an 18 hole golf course located at 550 Province Road, Barrington, NH 03825, USA and plays 5258 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for Nippo Lake Golf Club is 60. It has a slope of 119 and rating 65.4. This course is located in New Hampshire in the city of Barrington in 03825 . Rochester Country Club and Sunningdale Golf Club are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at Nippo Lake Golf Club now!