Architects Golf Club

Phillipsburg, New Jersey
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Architects Golf Club
700 Stryker Road, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865, USA
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Architects Golf Club Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Karl Girthofer
5 days ago
Course is aesthetically pleasing - but was infuriating to play. I am hopeful that it was just a bad day, but for 90$ I don't want to play a frustrating course. The course was wet, and I don't just mean like dew on the grass, it was absolutely sopping wet on the majority of every hole. Chip shots were nearly impossible to judge with no dirt to give any feedback - it felt like playing in mud. Unfortunately it wasn't just near greens, but fairways were also unbelievably wet. If your club so much as touched the fairway you're hitting fat... Clubs just got sucked into the wet. Not only the clubs but the balls - multiple green shots the balls just sunk into the green (and you could see similar holes all over the greens) - but even drives on the fairway had just plunged into the turf. On top of that there was no way to get into a groove because there was so much traffic - a 745am tee time and I get that it can be crowded but continually waiting 5-10 minutes at each tee box is frustrating. We thought it might just be a slow group in front of us, but no it was traffic all the way through. Poor conditions and poor pace made for a terrible round of golf, one of my worst performances in recent memory. Pretty bummed as I was excited to give this course a shot - but instead spent the hour and a half drive home frustrated and let down. Oh I almost forgot about the bunkers - many had standing water... Some bunkers were nice with white sand, others were either mud or wet sand that was gnarly to hit from. This course has so much potential, could be a TON of fun, and be very challenging - unfortunately the challenge today was dealing with the course conditions and traffic, not competing against my own golf skill.
Anonymous v3
Scott Taylor
6 days ago
Great course. Beautiful views of open country. Many ball marks on green. Not clubs fault, but inconsiderate golfers who probably shouldn't be playing the game. I don't know why people who like golf don't respect the course.
Anonymous v3
Christopher Heins
18 days ago
I love the concept. Players are not fixing pitchmsrks not replacing divots. Cart had one bottle of fill mix and it was empty. Green speed was pretty good, 8.5 I would guess. Some bunkers had no sand at all, others were fine. Layout is excellent! They were prepping for a wedding reception so inside grill room was closed. So we had a round of beers in 98 degree heat. Service was goid. Pretty good value. $85 with cart on Sat Am.
Architects Golf Club is an 18 hole golf course located at 700 Stryker Road, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865, USA and plays 6818 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for Architects Golf Club is 63. It has a slope of 130 and rating 73.3. This course is located in New Jersey in the city of Phillipsburg in 08865 . Harkers Hollow Golf Club and Club at Morgan Hill are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at Architects Golf Club now!