Red White Course at Rockleigh Golf Course

Rockleigh, New Jersey
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Red White Course at Rockleigh Golf Course
15 Paris Ave Ste A, Rockleigh, New Jersey 07647-2697
(201) 768-6353 Icon phone Directions
Tees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total Slope Rating
Black 374 342 422 179 540 525 479 232 436 3529 301 453 411 216 377 534 181 493 344 3310 6839 129 71.5
White 358 328 395 161 459 485 453 202 403 3244 289 403 365 188 346 483 165 466 322 3027 6271 122 69.6
Gold 329 291 380 146 438 418 440 175 386 3003 268 385 326 154 328 456 145 428 305 2795 5798 118 68.1
Red 320 276 360 95 430 416 352 145 275 2669 255 344 310 122 316 398 130 416 294 2585 5254 122 70.6
Par 4 4 4 3 5 5 4 3 4 36 4 4 4 3 4 5 3 4 4 35 71
Red White Course at Rockleigh Golf Course Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Gurpreet Bedi
16 days ago
Good course. Even though it rained heavily over last few weeks but course is still in good shape.
Anonymous v3
Mitch Krasner
about 1 month ago
Fairways & greens have been damaged by continuous rainfall over last 5 mos..normally in good shape in prior years.greenskeppers not to blame..
Anonymous v3
Greg Sullivan
23 days ago
Decided to take my 10 year old daughter out to the blue course @4pm on a Sunday because I heard it was kid friendly. PROS: the course is a mix of par 3, 4 and 5s with regular tee boxes (not mats like the nearby Rockland exec course.) Water comes into play, by intent, on a few holes but it’s fairly wide fairways as you go around. The rate is, on the face of it, reasonable at $17/player plus $9/player if taking cart. It is lightly played so you can comfortably bring a beginner. One of the maintenance men was making his rounds and kindly tossed my daughter a couple of nice balls he’d found. We found a club on one of the greens and turned it in at the clubhouse. CONS: What a cow pasture. My kid thinks any course is Augusta but even she was saying how it looked like someone had driven a car across the greens. Just awful. The grounds were water logged from tee to green and more than a few of the “sand” traps had pooled water. The twilight rates on the Westchester munis are comparable and the conditions are night and day so we’ll spend our money there. What really made the Rockleigh experience a one and done came on the par 3 first hole. We waited for a twosome on the green to finish and then let the single on the tee play ahead, not wanting to hold him up. The starter didn’t say anything. We were using a riding cart. My kid duffed her tee shot so I let her take a second and she knocked it 20 yards short of the green. My tee shot was on the fringe. As we left the tee I saw there were three players behind us: a woman and young girl (about my kids age) in a riding cart and a man using a pull cart. They were Asian and I thought maybe they were a family playing together; again the starter doesn’t say anything. So we head out; I go fetch my kids first ball and we head to our balls and knock our next shots on the green. As we’re going to putt I see the man walking to the second hole - he tells me the starter said he could go ahead - shortly followed by the woman and kid. We putt out and when we get to the second tee of course they’re waiting on the people who were ahead of us to finish 2. But turns out they’re a single and a twosome. So we have to wait while the guy plays and then wait more as the woman/kid play out this par 3. Then we spend the rest of our day waiting on these two on every hole. I called the clubhouse from the second tee; little good that did. I can understand bad etiquette happening later on the course - wait your turn or stay home (while letting faster players thru) - but how the starter thought this was in any way acceptable is beyond me. (Could we have joined the twosome that cut in front of us? The didn’t offer and I wasn’t going to ask.)
Red White Course at Rockleigh Golf Course is an 18 hole golf course located at 15 Paris Ave Ste A, Rockleigh, New Jersey 07647-2697 . We have the scorecard for this course. This course is located in New Jersey in the city of Rockleigh in 07647 . Blue Blue Course at Rockleigh Golf Course and Rockland Country Club are located nearby.