Three Ponds Golf Club

Elysburg, Pennsylvania
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Three Ponds Golf Club
Elysburg, PA 17824, USA
(570) 672-9064 Icon phone Directions
Three Ponds Golf Club Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
about 1 hour ago
Stopped by for the Nickle Plate Restaurant. They weren't open yer. Mam at golf shop wa svery friendly and helpful. We love Knoebels everything!!
Anonymous v3
Dirk Gently
7 days ago
Ordered the tender loin sandwich. The meat inside was not tender loin. Guessing it was ma much cheaper cut likely sirloin
Anonymous v3
Iosif Dzhugashvili
26 days ago
So after last night at "The Church" I come here to relax and play golf. So I start a normal game of 18 holes with a few people and I begin my pro golf strat. You see the true soviet strat is to launch so many golf balls you dig a secondary hole about 50 meters by 50 meters. After about 50 minutes though of my intense game some pigdog from "management" comes by and asks what I'm doing, and that they have a second group waiting to start. At this point though my hole is only about 25 by 25, so it was completely unacceptable to leave this a soviet failure. So I told him to screw off and let me finish. He started to threaten to throw me out of the club if I didn't leave now! This is no way to treat a comrade. And tha'ts when it dawned on me. This man must be a capitalist pigdog who is trying to stop me from making it to the moon! Trying to beat us with some silly Apollo program. Pffft. The first one didn't even go anywhere and it still failed. Silly western construction. But space aside something needed to be done about this pigdog! So I took my trusty soviet golf ball dispenser (of course I wasn't going to waste golf balls on him, I need them to win golf so I will use smaller metal golf balls) and light him up. The other pigdogs ran like the cowards they were! So I chased them down the road for like 7 or so Kilometers before I had to stop for a drink of water. But by the time I got my drink I had lost them. I'll need to keep an eye of for them... Still when I returned to the golf club the road was blocked by the KGB. Whatever. After last time in Moscow I don't feel like messing with them.
Three Ponds Golf Club is an 18 hole golf course located at Elysburg, PA 17824, USA and plays 6132 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for Three Ponds Golf Club is 62. It has a slope of 127 and rating 69.1. This course is located in Pennsylvania in the city of Elysburg in 17824 . Indian Hills Golf and Cherokee Golf Course are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at Three Ponds Golf Club now!