East Course at Pocono Manor Inn & Golf Resort

Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania
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61 Figure man *
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East Course at Pocono Manor Inn & Golf Resort
Pocono Manor Dr, Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania 18349
(800) 233-8150 Icon phone Directions
Tees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total Slope Rating
Champions 550 480 194 315 320 412 77 340 385 3073 515 385 460 202 530 450 340 425 185 3492 6565 118 72.0
White 525 475 180 305 315 402 77 330 375 2984 505 375 450 190 485 420 310 415 170 3320 6304 116 70.1
Ladies 510 465 165 300 300 382 77 300 357 2856 481 370 430 160 465 415 295 385 120 3121 5977 117 74.0
Par 5 4 3 4 4 4 3 4 4 35 5 4 5 3 5 4 4 4 3 37 72
East Course at Pocono Manor Inn & Golf Resort Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Chris Bisnauth
9 days ago
First of all when you drive there's no one there to guide you to check in. Parking is limited sometimes. Nobody greeted while entering the hotel. Didn't receive $25 voucher even tho we were qualified for it. The spa was booked out. The shower had no pressure was either too hot or too cold. There is no jacuzzi. There's allot of other things to do such as a game room with pools and ping pong table. Indoor and outdoor pool with outdoor bar(also inside the motel) . Room was service was good always on time. They have yoga , hiking , dining room , gym , a small shop (ice cream , pizza , etc) , and other cool things to do each day if you want to join other groups.
Anonymous v3
Holly Weaver
24 days ago
Our stay started rough - I did not realize how small the rooms were and we needed a much bigger room. I wasn't impressed with the customer service at first either - but it turned out to be just one person, the first person who checked us in. After talking about my concerns with the manager, they gave no hesitation in upgrading the room and addressing my concerns. The rooms have that classic feel, beds were comfortable, staff ended up being very pleasant, polite, and attentive. The restaurants are amazing, but a bit pricey. Overall, a very nice stay.
Anonymous v3
Dominick Rendina
2 months ago
TL;DR: This vacation best suits someone who lives in the city and wants a quick 3 days to escape into the wilderness with easy access for people unfamiliar with the activities on the resort, such as fishing or hiking. The overall service is terrible, there is no night life in and outside of the resort area and it feels as if you need to be a pain in the ass to the faculty to get most of the other activities done . Activities: The best: The people working at the horseback range were very passionate about their job and the trail is lengthy, feels like a full experience. We did not play golf but the golf course was taken care of and well managed, to supplement people such as us who didn't play golf the driving range was satisfactory and entertaining. The mediocre/not so impressive: Activities such as archery, BB gun shooting, field activities such as can jam, are very casually managed. The archery field consists of four large stationary hay bags a short distance from the sports resort and the BB gun targets are just stationary cans hanging from a string. The person running the sports activities manor just nonchalantly gave us the guns/bow and arrow and pointed us in the direction of the field. The hiking trails are short, about a mile and a half and there are only two of them. The bad: The gun range/clay pigeon shooting was unavailable (nothing too awful about this, but still just sucked). The resort itself: The best: There exists an indoor (temperature controlled) and outdoor pool (no heating), during our visit we experienced two rainy days making the outdoor pool's water too cold to enjoy, so the indoor pool served us well in ameliorating this issue. The mediocre/not so impressive: The food was not bad, and the alcohol was relatively cheap (in price, not quality). The view is nice from the dining room, and there is plenty of space to relax and sit down with friends to enjoy. The fire pit was only lit once during the 4 days we stayed. The bad: The game room's games were malfunctioned and did not work sometimes, the pool tables had no pool balls (even after asking for service to provide some, we did not get any), the air hockey was missing a puck, the checker/chess board was missing quite a significant amount of pieces. The rooms did not have a microwave or a refrigerator, and constant trips to the ice machine were required. Everything inside and outside of the resort closes past 5pm, no night life. The working staff: The best: No comment The Mediocre/The not so impressive: No comment The bad: You constantly feel like you are a serious pain in the ass in order to get any of the resort faculty to help. The front desk did not inform us that magnets affect the room key card until three times after making the same mistake. The staff ignored/forgot requests made, such as providing billiard balls for the billiard table and remembering to not charge us for breakfast after paying in advance for the bed and breakfast package. The intercommunication was awful, there exists a frozen drink bar open from noon to 8pm which was closed at 2:30pm for some reason, and I had to go through four different staff members to finally get someone to assist me. The people working at the pizzeria took our money in cash and then waited 30 minutes later to ask us to remind her how we paid for this, only to inform us that there was no more pizza dough left in the PIZZERIA. Among many other problems, the service was simply terrible. If you can find a neighboring resort in the same area, look towards there.
East Course at Pocono Manor Inn & Golf Resort is an 18 hole golf course located at Pocono Manor Dr, Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania 18349 and plays 6565 yards from the tips . The estimated course record for East Course at Pocono Manor Inn & Golf Resort is 61. It has a slope of 118 and rating 72.0. We have the scorecard for this course. This course is located in Pennsylvania in the city of Pocono Manor in 18349 . West Course at Pocono Manor Inn & Golf Resort and Mount Airy Golf Club are located nearby.