Chaparral Country Club

Seguin, Texas
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52 Figure man
Jim Fairfield
Butch Sheehan
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Chaparral Country Club
Seguin, TX, USA
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Chaparral Country Club Ratings & Reviews
Anonymous v3
Heather Marie
about 1 month ago
Don't move here!! We lived here for a year and a half. Never were late on our payments. In the time being there the first 6 months our fridge did not work correctly, if we bought milk it would go bad in 2 days cause it didn't cook properly. Everything we bought had to be put in the freezer and even then the freezer made so much ice that it would ruin a lot of things! We had TWO fires in our apartment with in 48 hours of each other! One being a wall socket that caught fire when nothing was plugged into it! The second one being the rubber seal on our over door! They tried to say it was cause our oven was dirty but that wasn't the case cause it was the seal around the door that started the fire! The closet door in our kids bedroom was broken from day one of moving in there, a drawer in our kitchen was also broken, same for the screen outside our sliding door. We also had a incident where our toilet started leaking the day before thanksgiving and of course they were not in the office and their "emergency maintenance" number was disconnected! We ended up having to go out and spend a extra $60 to fix our toilet and when they were finally back Monday morning I told them about what happened and if they could reimburse us and they said no cause we didn't have approval to do so, well if the number had worked we wouldn't have HAD TO DO IT! Prior to us moving out we had complained about our ceiling in 3 different spots in our apartment leaking every time it rained! I went down and told the SEVERAL times about it! It wouldn't just leak a little either, it would stream down water from the ceiling! They refused to ever come fix it! The last day we were there moving our stuff out the AC in the apartment where the filter sits started pouring water out of it for whatever reason! I was so glad to be finally moving out of that place! We didn't break our lease stayed to the very last day of it! Now we are being told we have damage "fees" and all kinds of cleaning "fees" complete BS! The blinds in the apartment that were damaged from my kids WE PAID for when we moved in cause they didn't have any! The damages they are listing are all the things that were damaged when we first moved in! Along with the ceiling leaking damage charge that had nothing to do with us! Even are being charged cause the flooring in that area is damaged also! So now we have over $1,000 in fees for this stupid apartment that shouldn't even be being charged to us, especially since we didn't cause any of the damages there! Save your money and don't move here cause this place WILL SCREW YOU OVER!!
Anonymous v3
Daniellea Rohde
8 months ago
My ac every single day will shut off by 9 am and sometimes nevery come back on til like 4am. My neighbors ac has been out for A YEAR aND they haven't fixed either. I have a six month old and it's a health risk for him to be in the heat for too long. My temperature peaked at 80 in my apartment today. Maintenence men never do anything right. Haven't had a back door bar on my sliding door since I moved in. These apartments are a standing code violation.
Anonymous v3
Mayra Hernandez
about 1 year ago
Moving soon. Wasn't worth the 6 month lease. I have had no oven for 4 months. have put in 3 requests. there's mold under my kitchen sink for 6 months. they just replaced the ALL BLACK air filter this month. I don't have all the doors in my closet. a plug in my kitchen doesn't work. Maintenance is a joke. the only maintenance Ive EVER seen is when they have inspection. They fired a good employee for someone extremely rude. How funny that they want their money but don't fix nothing... Ridiculous!!
Chaparral Country Club is an 18 hole golf course located at Seguin, TX, USA and plays 7008 yards from the tips . The course record for Chaparral Country Club is 52 held by Butch Sheehan/Jim Fairfield. It has a slope of 119 and rating 72.6. This course is located in Texas in the city of Seguin . Max Starcke Park Golf Course and The Bandits Golf Club are located nearby. Book a cheap tee time at Chaparral Country Club now!