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Popular Golf Destinations

Orlando, Florida
Are you part of a golfing family? Do you like world-class entertainment and excellent weather? Orlando, Florida might just be the perfect destination for your next vacation. A good 9-iron is all you need to blast off the relaxing beaches and on to one of dozens of world-class links.
Dallas, Texas
Looking to brush up on your swing or handicap? With scores of courses in a 20 miles radius, the golf enthusiast will be swimming in options. Beautiful courses, reasonable rates, and more sunshine than you can shake a stick at are just a few reasons why Dallas should be penned in to your calendar.
San Diego, California
Some go to the beach, some to restaurants, and some people only want to do one thing: golf. In San Diego you won't run out of courses to whet your appetite. If you're just visiting or lucky enough to call it your home take a quick trip to the course and see what golf is all about in San Diego.
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